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Equipment (employees)

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Faculty and staff needing new equipment, upgrades or equipment repairs should contact his/her Technical Support Consultant(s).  Computer support for Pittsburg State University staff is provided by Information Technology Services Technical Support Consultants and support for Pittsburg State University faculty is provided by College Technical Support Consultants.

Staff Support

To request support please go to and click submit a ticket. You can also log in to your email and send a message to with information about your request. Alternatively you can contact the Gorilla Geeks Help Desk at Ext. 4600 for support.

Administrative Area

Technical Support 

University Advancement / Athletics/Facilities Planning

Cody Page
Ext. 4837

Administration & Finance / Information Technology Services / Campus Life Kevin Williams
Ext. 4837
Provost & Academic Affairs / President's Office

Darrell Whitman
Ext. 4837

Faculty Support

The Information Technology Services, College Instructional Support Consultants, and the College Technical Consultants collaborate to support faculty, staff and students.  Each college has an Instructional Support Consultant(s) to provide technical support. Your Technical Support Consultant assists with computer purchases, hardware and software support issues.

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology is also available to assist faculty and staff with technology needs and faculty technology training. 

Academic Area

Instructional Support Consultant

Technical Support Consultant

College of Arts & Sciences Donna Sue Pintar
Ext. 4765

Mark Flood
Ext. 6184
Lynn Grantham
Ext. 4634

Colleges of Business and Education
Kylie Edgecomb
Ext. 6171
Chris Fleury
Ext. 4873
College of Technology

Mary Wehrman
Ext. 4630

Mike Smith
Ext. 4368
Dan Workman
Ext. 4342

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