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Departments on campus hosting conferences or events can create a GUSNet Sponsorship to provide internet access to attendees.  These sponsorships allow departments to set up usernames and passwords for internet access for attendees.  Passwords must follow the requirements for all passwords on campus:

  • Must be at least seven (7) characters
  • Must include digits (0-9)
  • Must include both upper and lower case characters (a-z, A-Z)
  • Must use a special character (for example,* & % $)

To set up a sponsorship:

  • Go to the GUS Portal>My GUS and search for GusNET Sponsored in the search box. Star the link and save it to a group in My GUS (the sponsorship link can also be found in GUS Classic>Information Services Menu under the GUS Applications and Forms section).
  • Click on the link for GusNET Sponsorship.
  • On the Info Screen, click on GusNET Sponsorship (bottom of page).
  • On the Login Type dropdown choose GusNET Sponsored > Choose the Sponsorship Type (this assists with access)
  • Enter a Username 
  •  Enter a Password – the password must follow the rules for AD passwords and must be different from the username by at least 60%
  • Choose a start and end date – a calendar will appear when choosing these boxes
  • Set the Location – building name Enter the number of users
  • Enter Reason for sponsorship
  • Click Submit
  • You will be taken to a confirmation page that lists the username and password. It is wise to print this page as passwords can be reset but not retrieved from the system.

Users will then locate the GUSNet Sponsored network on their device and enter the username and password created to log in.

To request a sponsorship contact Gorilla Geeks at ext. 4600 or click here to Submit a service request

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